Monday, April 07, 2014


I currently have my work showing in three places. I am happy to say that I am the featured craft artist at the Catskill Mountain Foundation, Katterskill Gallery, Main Street, Hunter, NY. Call for their hours : 518-263-2073 It will be there from March 31-May 30, 2014. I also have a tea set "Spot On ",at the Oyster Bay Historical Society, Summit St. , Oyster Bay. It received an award of merit from the Long Island Craft Guild and was juried by Fong Choo in the show "It's Time for Tea"It will be there from April 6-June 8, 2014. In addition, I am delighted to say that one of my landscape designed bowls, "Catskill Landscape 1" is currently at the Art League of LI, "Landscapes- from Metropolis to Arcadia" in the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery. Fro April 6- May 11, 2014. Call 631-462-5400 for hours. I will be listing more work on my ETSY sight, The new semester starts at the Art League of LI on April 22, 2014. Look at their web sight or call them to sign up . 631-462-5400. Hope to see you in my class.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter 2013-2014

My recent visit to Florida brought me some new Begonia Leaves. I have been working on some of them to put into galleries and on my etsy store ( create bowls and plates from individual Begonia leaves.Some of them are prize winning large leaves from the Begonia Society. This year I will be putting thrown feet on each one. It is a bit more time consuming but they look really nice with the new style foot. My recent new gallery spot is Miralus Candles, in the Galleria on Main Street, Windham, NY. Nilda has a wonderful selection of all kinds of surprises in her new gallery. She makes wonderful luminaries(candles) which are scented and fabulously crafted. My favorite is the dark coffee luminary. Don't hesitate to look at every item. My tea set is on it's way to completion. These usually take a while to create and this one is going well. The skiing has been good at Hunter Mtn. Sadly, my ankle is not good and it was too painful to do more than a couple of runs. It is snowing today so I will not ski. The new year looks promising. 2014 will be a year to explore. My classes at the Art League should be exciting. I plan on some new projects for all levels. There will be a student/instructor Ceramics show in the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery from Jan 14-Feb 2. The reception is in Feb 2 and I will be in Tucson. Go to see it anyway. February will welcome a visit to Tucson, Az to visit with family and go to the Gem and Mineral Show. I will be stocking up on some gems to add to my ceramic jewelry projects. Soon, I will start listing them on my etsy store sight. Yes, each time I write a blog, I say I will post again someday soon. Well, you know, I always say that and today is "someday" Til we meet again. I keep hitting escape but I am still here! LOL

Monday, July 23, 2012

The time of the year is BUSY

I am always saying I am busy but it is always a good thing not a complaint. After a great ski season this year, I visited Iceland and loved every minute of it. I saw the Northern Lights, walked on the glacier and soaked in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal pools. In June, I visited Florida for a five day jaunt. July took me to the western part of New York State where I hiked amongst the most beautiful trails in Letchworth State Park (the Grand Canyon of NY state) I continue to be inspired by working with clay and I love teaching my students at the Art League of LI. This summer we are working on Tar Paper Projects and I am continuing with my personal work with Raku Beads which is taking me into a new direction of making ceramic jewelry. I am loving this and have a fine collection of jewelry to wear and to sell. You can find some of my work in my etsy store. Look for me at I will have my yearly open studio in Jewett, NY (630 Cty.Rt.17, Jewett, NY) on August 4&5 and will be demonstrating on the wheel on Sunday, August 5th 1-2PM. Please visit me at my studio for a snack and a look around. I will be there with my daughter, Tracie of metal-smithing and speed-skiing fame and my dear friend Sheila Trautman who is a watercolorist. This is a part of the Windham Arts Alliance- ARTFEST. My studio in Jewett is accessible from the north on Cty. Rt. 17 by way of Rt. 23 and from the south from Carr Road off of 23A . The lower portion of Cty. Rt. 17 is still missing since the tropical storm Irene took it away, August 28, 2011. I was very lucky that the damage from the storm did not reach my home or my studio.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trying to get to spring things

The winter has been delightfully wintery. Now, I am trying to do some spring things like, cleaning the studio and making new art. I will start with my studio in Jewett then down on to my Melville one. My new work will include garden balls- wonderful textured round objects to put amongst your garden to delight the creatures that visit and give your plants a change of scenery.
I will continue to Tampa for NCECA to get my fill of all things ceramic to last me for the year. I will then come back, very ready to start my new classes at the Art League of LI. Get ready to hand build- I will be introducing some new ways to get your dinner ware going with good tricks and some easy tips.
I am planting a new garden to go with my new treasures. Cant wait to reap the harvest. Since my diet is very veggie, I hope for success. I always promise to post more so I do hope this year I will.
Remember to find me at BannerHill School this summer. Raku, raku,raku. So much fun,fun,fun.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Presidents Week 2010- new classes

I will be in Windham, New York teaching a five day ceramics workshop at Banner Hill Fine Arts and Woodworking workshop. Now to include Ceramics.
This is a new, exciting studio and is part of the Banner Hill school. All new equipment in a bright spot overlooking the Windham valley will be just what you need to improve your skills or learn new ones. Look for future workshops and week-end classes with me at the Banner Hill web sight or give them a call.
The school is directed by Kip Christie of woodworking fame. For questions, call him at 518-929-7821.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mid May 2009

May is here and I am ready for the exhibit "Journey's in Clay- contemporary Ceramics, 2009. Please come to the opening on May 30 , 2-4 PM. If you cannot make it , the show is there until July 18. ( Mountaintop Gallery, Greene County Council on the Arts, Main Street, Windham, NY) 518-734-3104.
The lilacs in Greene County are magnificent this year. They must have loved the winter. Everywhere you look it is purple!
Check the Art League of LI web sight for the summer schedule. I will have a fun and very educational workshop in Bas Relief Tile Making. I also have a five week class on Wednesdays. You will find my classes very informative and relaxing. There is a very good group of students to rub elbows with. Ruth

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 2009

Welcome to my web sight. It is so nice of you to visit. Spring is almost here. What have I been doing lately?
I have been very busy getting my one of a kind "Begonia Leaf" platters and bowl shapes ready for the Begonia Society Convention in Florida in April. They are coming out very beautiful. I will have about 50 to ship out soon. Each leaf is used once to imprint it's design on to the clay. After imprinting the leaf, I shape the clay into an appropriate shape that is dictated by the size and shape of the leaf. It is then dried and fired to bisque temperature in my kiln (about 1900^F ). After it is fired once, I glaze the piece and fire it again to 2232 ^ F. in an electric kiln. Most of the platter and bowl shapes have small feet to lift them off of the surface the they are on.
Skiing at Hunter Mountain this season has been great. Since it is almost St, Patrick's day, the crowds are slimming but the snow is still good enough to slide on . In between doing my ceramic work, I spend at least 3-4 days skiing.
I am preparing for the "JOURNEY'S IN CLAY, CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS 2009" . I am excited to invite wonderful artists this year. Please join me at the reception May 30. 2-4 pm at the Mountaintop Gallery, Main Street , Windham, NY. The exhibit will be there until July 18, 2009. Some of the artists will be,Corinne Alexander, Susan Beecher, Marybeth Bishop, Karen Battles,Frank Giorgini, Fred Koshetski, Steven Fabrico, Joan Snyder, me and others.
This will be the first semester at the Art League of LI that I will be teaching "Raku Buttons, Baubles and Beads" It will be so much fun to make and fire the beads. We make a bead gadget to wire the beads on to a stand and quickly fire the pieces to red hot temperature (about 1900^F) The bead holder is then lifted out of the kiln with tongs and placed into a chamber with combustible materials. The fire it creates is smothered which creates wonderful smokey glaze colors mixed with carbon. Please see some photos on my web sight. (or see class listing at
Until next time. Please feel free to contact me. Ruth